All Souls' Episcopal Church
4025 Pine Tree Drive
Miami Beach,FL 33140
Tel: 305-520-5410

About Us

We are a diverse, inclusive, and radically welcoming community of faith committed to creating a deeper sense of belonging with God and embracing others in community.

Who we are:

Rector: The Very Revd John H Tidy

Deacon: The Revd Charles Humphries

Senior Warden: Mark Sokolowski

Junior Warden :
Rafael Padilla

Vestry Clerk: Ginny Ruiz


Cheryl Chapman

Giselle Hughes

Alice Velker

Jim Carlton

Chris Gathman

Thomas Porto


Diocese of Southeast Florida: The Rt. Revd. Peter Eaton, Diocesan Bishop

 Parish Administrator: Katrina Davey

Parish Office: Office hours are 10:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.

For baptisms, weddings, memorials and all other enquiries please contact Katrina Davey at 305.520.5410 or